About Mitra Deldar
I worked as an electrical engineer in Indianapolis for 26 Years. About 10 years ago, I began to paint as a hobby. Through painting I saw the world differently; I felt such amazing joy and peace. It was as if I had found my passion in life and wherever I painted became my heaven on earth.. My passion for painting allows me to be more connected with nature and my surroundings. My ultimate goal is to share this connection with my painting viewers. It was this special passion of mine that led me to leave my rewarding engineering job 7 years ago. Since then , I paint full time. I have become a juried artist at Hamilton County Artist Association and CCA gallery in Carmel,Indiana.I continuously improve my skills by attending workshops. My work is diverse and includes a wide variety of subjects. I receive inspiration from the beautiful places I have traveled. In addition, I enjoy painting portraits and accept commissioned work. I strive to become an impressionistic artist to create paintings, which captures the drama of light, mystery of shadows, and the exquisiteness of nature that surrounds us.
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