I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. I came to the United States to study Electrical Engineering and received my Bachelors degree from Purdue University and my Master degree in Industrial Management from University of Dallas. I worked for 26 years in Indianapolis as an electrical engineer. I began painting about 10 years ago as a hobby. Painting made me see the world differently; I felt such amazing joy and peace. It was as if I found my passion in life and wherever I painted became my heaven on earth. It was this special passion of mine that led me to finally quit my rewarding engineering job this past August (2013). I now paint full time, and have since joined Hamilton County Artists Association as a Juried Artist. I am mostly a self-taught painter, however I have taken workshops with local artists including: Vesta Seville, David Slonim, and Jim Gerard. I mostly do oil painting, but I have done a few water color paintings as well. 

Please click on the thumbnails below to access images of my paintings. If you have any questions regarding any of my work, please feel free to contact me at Thank you for viewing my page!